Late Shri M Ramanarasiah

Welcome to the  Works of Shri M. Ramanarasiah, MRN (1921-2012), the  renowned artist of Mysore who specialized  in realistic portrait paintings and Mysore traditional style paintings.
He served as a curator in Jaganmohan Palace from 1950 to 1974. 
His paintings of royalty and renowned persons are exhibited in Jaganmohan Palace(Mysore, India) & adorns many homes and  Temples in India.
A total of 28 of his paintings are displayed in Jaganmohan Palace.
Even at the age of 90 he actively painted & taught pupils interested in learning the unique art.
He passed away just after 91 years on 23rd Dec 2012.

MRN's Mysore style painting talent has been imbibed by two of of his daughters Sudha Venkatesh & Chandrika. His Son SN Simha does both traditional Mysore style & contemporary style art.


Artofmysoor documents the works of MRN & also his son SN Simha, who is continuing the legacy of his father. SN Simha is an Industrial & Production Engineer & Industrial Designer from IIT Bombay (Post Grad) & practises art when he is not busy with his technical engagements.

S N Simha
 (Son of Late Shri M Ramanarasiah) 
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